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                        Insight Meditation Workshops


We offer half-day Insight Meditation workshops several times a year. These half-day workshops are an introduction to Vipassana, the body-based approach to mindfulness that is at the heart of Buddhist practice. The workshops are suitable for meditators of all levels, although they will be more meaningful to those with a basic knowledge of the Buddhist teachings, especially the Four Noble Truths. The workshops are from 10 am to 2 pm at the home of Bruce Williams in the Lenox Square area. Lunch is provided afterward. There is no charge. Workshop dates will be announced on this website and on the Sandy Springs Insight Mediation Meetup Group website.


Insight Meditation is the English translation of Vipassana which means “things as they are.” It is the meditation practice taught by the Buddha in the Satipatthana (Four Foundations of Mindfulness) and Anapanasati (Mindfulness of Breathing) discourses. There are four steps in the Buddha’s instructions for sitting meditation: assuming an upright and relaxed posture, being aware of the in- and out-breath, using the breath to experience sensations throughout the body and using the breath to calm bodily formations (tensions and holding patterns.) These are the first steps in directly experiencing the Three Characteristics of Reality: impermanence, suffering and non-self—wisdom aspects of the path leading to liberation. 


The five physical senses are the foundation upon which all human experience is based. Mindfulness of the body, using the breath, is what brings awareness to experience. 


In the workshop, we will discuss how Insight Meditation/Vipassana relates to concentration practices and teachings such as The Five Skandas of Clinging but the emphasis will be on developing an Insight meditation practice according to the Buddha’s instructions.



Insight Meditation Handbook by Bruce Williams, is a summary of the teachings and the practices, and includes a list of reference materials and the workshop agenda. 









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​Listening to the following Dharma talks is highly recommended as preparation for the workshop:

​Shaila Catherine: “Vipassana Is Insight,” March 6, 2005, 

​Andrea Fella: “Whole Body Breathing: Discussion,” November 27, 2012, 

​Gil Fronsdal, “Anapanasati: Calming Bodily Formations (4 of 10),” October 12, 2007, 

​Jonathan Foust, “The Call to Practice: Seeing Clearly Through the Body -- How you can use your body as a vehicle for seeing clearly into the nature of reality.” September 30, 2015,

When the date of the next workshop has been announced, you can register by joining the Sandy Springs Insight Meditation Meetup Group.


Find the workshop listing under “Upcoming Meetups” and click on “Insight Meditation Workshop”, then click on “I’m Going.”

Formore information or to be placed on the mailing list for workshop announcements, contact Bruce Williams:,
(404) 231-5624 (H).

Study Group: Bhikkhu Analayo's A Meditator's Life of the Buddha

We will discuss the book, A Meditator’s Life of the Buddha: Based on the Early Discourses, by the German monk, Analayo. According to Shaila Catherine: “This book is simultaneously a biography of a great man, an insightful study of early Buddhism, and a practical guidebook for serious meditators.”

We will meet on the third Sunday of every month for a total of 5 months. Our first meeting was on Sunday, August 18.

All meetings will be at Dick Campolucci’s home in Brookhaven from 10 am to noon.

Here is a tentative schedule:
August 18: Introduction through Chapter 5
September 15: Chapters 6 – 10
October 20: Chapters 11–15
November 17: Chapters 16—20
December 15: Chapter 21—Conclusion

For more info, join our group

Jonathan Foust

Shaila Catherine

Gil Fronsdal

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