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Annotated List of Websites with Recorded Dhamma Talks (January 6, 2017)


General Collections

  1. Dharma Seed: Spoken teachings of Theravada Buddhism in modern languages (hundreds of teachers).

  2. Dharma Seed Spirit Rock: Access to teachers, talks and retreats at
    Spirit Rock Meditation Center.

  3. Audio Dharma: Archive of Dharma talks given by Gil Fronsdal, Andrea Fella and various guest speakers at the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, CA.

  4. Dhamma Talks: Talks from many teachers in the Thai and Burmese traditions, as well as others.

  5. Free Buddhist Audio: A selection of talks, interviews, seminars, and question-and-answer sessions from the early 1960s to the present day.

  6. DharmaNet International: Audio and video talks across all Buddhist traditions.

  7. Birken's Collections of MP3 Dhamma Talks: . 4,500+ dhamma talks collected by Birken Forest Monastery in British Columbia.

  8. Dhamma Talks: Dhamma talks given by various teachers in the Theravadin Forest Sangha tradition.

  9. Dhamma Rakita: Dhamma Talks by Vipassana Masters.

  10. Amaravati Monastery: Buddhist monastery in the tradition of Ajahn Chan and Ajahn Suhmedo.

  11. Abhayagiri Monastery: Buddhist monastery in the tradition of Ajahn Chan and Ajahn Suhmedo.

  12. Zencast: Most talks are by Gil Fronsdal and The Insight Meditation Center, but there are others.

  13. D.I.Y. Dharma: Large number of talks and interviews.

  14. San Francisco Insight Meditation Community: . Talks by various teachers given by Eugene Cash, Pam Weiss and others at IMCSF.

  15. Seattle Insight Meditation Society: . Talks by Rodney Smith (guiding teacher) and guest teachers at SIMS.

  16. Against the Stream: . Talks by Noah Levine, Matthew Brensilver, and others in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Santa Monica centers.

  17. DhammaTube: Dhammatube is an attempt to collect video clips with Dhamma content in one place.

  18. DharmaWeb: Older talks (before 2007) listed by teacher.

  19. Bodhi Monastery: Offers online audio lessons from Buddhist masters covering a range of topics.

  20. Dhamma Talks: Dhamma talks and writings of Thanissaro Bikkhu.

  21. Buddhist Geeks: Various teachers.

  22. Portland Insight Meditation Community: Talks of Robert Beatty and others at PIMC.

  23. DharmaPunx NYC and Brooklyn: Dharma talks by Josh Korda and others.

  24. Buddhist Society of Western Australia: Talks by Ajahn Brahm and others in the Thai Forest Tradition (Vipassana).

  25. Insight Meditation Community of Washington: Talks by Tara Brach and others at IMCW.


Individual Teachers and Talks: Many individual teachers have their own websites, which you can usually find searching on their names, e.g., Ayya Khema, Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, etc.


There are also many, many talks on YouTube, which can be found by searching by teacher name or topic, e.g., meditation, Buddhism, eightfold path, etc.

Websites with Recommended Buddhist Reading Lists

  1. Leigh Brasington’s website: Comprehensive list organized by topic.

  2. Donald Rothberg’s website: A Brief Selection of Readings on Buddhism and Buddhist Meditation.

  3. Buddhanet: Suggestions for reading to facilitate study in particular areas of the history of Buddhism.

  4. Insight Meditation Center: Recommended books by topic.

  5. Insight Meditation Society: Books by IMS teachers and others.

  6. Bodhi Monastery: Suggested readings at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels (thru 2007).

  7. Birken Forest Monastery: (No pub. dates, but at least thru 2012).

  8. Zen Mountain Monastery: (mostly Zen, thru 2001).


*Also highly recommended is the Access to Insight web site: Readings in Theravada Buddhism, including modern translations of more than 1,000 important suttas from the Pali canon.

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